Understanding Conflict 

Conflict, in and of itself, is actually neutral. How we react to it will determine its outcome. This workshop will enhance your foundational understanding of how conflict works so that you can react and understand it from an informed place. This workshop consists of five different modules to help you build your capacity in the art of conflict transformation.

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Understanding Conflict will assist you in building your capacity in understanding the foundational elements that impact how conflict escalates, deescalates, and how we can best analyze it.  


Walk through each of the 5 modules this workshop has to offer you at your own pace.

Tried, Tested and True 

The concepts explored come from years of experience working with individiuals in confict and is grounded in conflict research and theory.

Increased Confidence

Not only will you be able to better understand conflict situations, it will build your confidence and communication skills

Video-Based Learning  

With over 35 minutes of video content, this workshop will make you think about how you are currently communicating.

Improve Relationships

This workshop will help you to navigate the most difficult of relationships so that you can continue to build trust and rapport.

Life-Time Access

Come back anytime to walk through any of the videos of this workshop to refresh your memory.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
  • Artificial harmony
  • Mean spirited personal attacks
  • Ideal conflict point

  • Introduction
  • Disagreement
  • Us/Them
  • Triangulation
  • Open hostility
  • Entrenchment
  • Summary

  • Introduction
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Self-justification
  • Attribution theory
  • Summary

  • Introduction
  • Conflict cycles
  • Cycle remodelled
  • Bricking the cycle
  • Summary 

  • Introduction
  • Escalation/deescalation line
  • Adrenaline Line
  • Ability to make good decisions
  • Combining the lines
  • Summary
  • Decisions and relationships
  • Systemic experience line 

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About The Instructor

When you ask Betty about her work, she will readily tell you that she loves what she does and that it has been her tremendous privilege to work in the field of organizational health for so many years. Betty’s passion and vision is to support organizations of all types – and their leaders – as they seek to move toward health and vitality. Betty’s capacity to listen deeply and to hear that which her clients are trying to articulate is especially significant. She offers her clients profound care and respect. Said most simply – she loves the people with whom she works. Betty leads with clarity, strength, compassion and humility. From her stance of listening, she helps organizations to set a direction for the tough, meaningful and important conversations they wish to have.