Transforming Polarized Thinking

Polarities surround us in our society today. Either we think this, or we think that. Either we are this, or we are that. Either we belive this, or we believe that. This either/or thinking exists within our conflicts and relationships as well. This is why we need to start transforming our either/or thinking into something more productive. This workshop explores how we can start to transform from either/or thinking into a both/and way of approaching conflict, leadership, and life. 

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Problems can be solved. Conflicts can be resolved. Polarities can only be managed. Learn how you can break the either/or mindset and cultivate a both/and mindset.


Walk through each of the 11 units this course has to offer you at your own pace.

Case Study 

Test out your knowledge and take your learning even further with the provided case study

Increased Confidence

Not only will you be able to better navigate difficult conversations, it will build your confidence in your communication skills

Video-Based Learning  

With over 20 minutes of video content, this workshop will transform your thinking from either/or to both/and.

Improve Relationships

This workshop will help you manage difficult polarities that exist within your life.

Life-Time Access

Come back anytime to walk through any of the videos of this workshop to refresh your memory.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
  • Either/or frame 
  • Conflict or polarity? 
  • The path from one pole to another
  • Both/and frame
  • Crusaders and tradition-bearers
  • The diagonal argument
  • Drinking from both wells 
  • Can either/or thinking work? 
  • Common polarities
  • Summary

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About The Instructor

When you ask Betty about her work, she will readily tell you that she loves what she does and that it has been her tremendous privilege to work in the field of organizational health for so many years. Betty’s passion and vision is to support organizations of all types – and their leaders – as they seek to move toward health and vitality. Betty’s capacity to listen deeply and to hear that which her clients are trying to articulate is especially significant. She offers her clients profound care and respect. Said most simply – she loves the people with whom she works. Betty leads with clarity, strength, compassion and humility. From her stance of listening, she helps organizations to set a direction for the tough, meaningful and important conversations they wish to have.