Understanding Conflict

Conflict in and of itself is neutral.  It is how we react that will determine its outcome.  This workshop will enhance your foundational understanding in how conflict works and how you can react to it.  Understanding Conflict consists of 5 mini-workshops: Conflict continuum, conflict escalation, us/them trap, the conflict cycle, and conflict deescalation.

This workshop has over 35 minutes of video for you to consume and a case study that will assist to deepen your knowledge and understanding of how conflict works.  This workshop contains the following:

1. 0 – Conflict Continuum – If one side of the continuum is mean-spirited attacks and the other is artificial harmony, where can we find the ideal conflict point?  Conflict Continuum will assist you in exploring when to fan the flames of conflict and when it is being destructive.

1.0 – Introduction
2.0 – Artifical Harmony
3.0 – Mean Spirited Personal Attacks
4.0 – Ideal Conflict Point


2.0 – Conflict Escalation – Understanding where conflict situations are located on the conflict escalation chart is crucial for planning an appropriate intervention.  Conflict Escalation walks you through the conflict escalation chart so you can understand the various ways in which conflict escalates.

1.0 – Introduction
2.0 – Disagreement
3.0 – Us/Them
4.0 – Triangulation
5.0 – Open Hostility
6.0 – Entrenchment
7.0 – Summary


3.0 – Us/Them Trap – This module expands on the us/them trap that is introduced in the Conflict Escalation module.  Particularly how we can fall into the trap of “othering the other” and protecting ourself.

1.0 – Introduction
2.0 – Cognitive Dissonnance
3.0 – Self-Justification
4.0 – Attribution Theory
5.0 – Summary


4.0 – Conflict Cycle – Have you ever felt like you have had the same argument over and over with certain people? The Conflict Cycle will walk you through the reason we often end up in a cycle when it comes to conflict and how you can get yourself out of that cycle.

1.0 – Introduction
2.0 – Conflict Cycles
3.0 – Cycle Remodelled
4.0 – Bricking the Cycle
5.0 – Summary


5.0 – Conflict Deescalation – This mini-workshop explores how conflict deescalates and the implications that conflict has on our decision making and relationships.  Also, Conflict Deescalation will explore some of the potential implications that exist when conflict deescalates.

1.0 – Introduction
2.0 – Escalation/Deescalation Line
3.0 – Adrenaline Line
4.0 – Ability to Make Good Decisions
5.0 – Combining the Lines
6.0 – Summary
7.0 – Decisions and Relationships
8.0 – Systemic Experience Line

Price: $100.00

About the Instructor

When you ask Betty about her work, she will readily tell you that she loves what she does and that it has been her tremendous privilege to work in the field of organizational health for so many years. Betty’s passion and vision is to support organizations of all types – and their leaders – as they seek to move toward health and vitality. Betty’s capacity to listen deeply and to hear that which her clients are trying to articulate is especially significant. She offers her clients profound care and respect. Said most simply – she loves the people with whom she works. Betty leads with clarity, strength, compassion and humility. From her stance of listening, she helps organizations to set a direction for the tough, meaningful and important conversations they wish to have.