Online Workshops

Are you looking to improve your leadership and conflict management skills and gain some new communication strategies? These workshops have all been designed specifically for those who are looking to build their capacity in the areas of conflict management and leadership development.  The content of these workshops are configured to support you in your journey as you strive to become the best at what you do, grow in your skills and talents, and evolve into your beautiful self.

Each of the workshops we offer have short, consumable content so that you can easily find the nuggets of wisdom that you are looking for and put them into practice immediately.  Below you will find the workshops that we currently have available for you along with a short description.  To see more of what a course entails simply click on the ‘learn more’ button.


This communication model has evolved into one of the most useful tools that exists for incident-based disputes.  Our clients consistently tell us how this model has impacted their personal and professional lives.

Increasing our capacity in understanding conflict will not only reduce our anxiety when we are approached by conflict situations, but it will also strengthen our relationships and spur our creativity.


Problems can be solved, conflicts can be resolved, but polarities can only be managed.  Polarities surround us in today’s society and this workshop will help you in your journey to learn when to use both/and  or either/or thinking.

Understanding our conflict styles and the conflict styles of others can be beneficial in appropriately engaging in conflict situations.  This workshop gives you an overview of Thomas and Killman’s conflict styles model and how you can use it to better your conflict skills.

Microskills are some of the most utilized tools in communication and one of the most under-taught skills we lean.  Microskills will not only help you to become a better communicator, but a better listener.


Our popular communication model – Positions to Interests – assists people in analyzing and communicating through issue-based disputes.  This model will help you to understand the important issues behind people’s positions so that you can work towards resolution.

Have you ever been pulled into a conflict by a coworker, direct report, or a friend? Then this workshop is for you.  Emotional triangles are all around us and how we interact with them lies our true freedom.