Developing Your Craft was born out of a desire to assist leaders become the best they can be.  We truly believe that we can improve the state of the world by working with leaders of organizations and congregations to help them thrive and flourish.  We believe that workplaces and congregations can be places of success, innovation, and joy especially as the various parts of the system listen and learn from one another.  Every individual in your organization and congregation has the capacity to be a leader and we want to encourage each person to further develop their craft.

A learning culture is important for our growth and the growth of the organizations and congregations we belong to.  We developed this site to assist folks in becoming the best that they can be.  People who are working hard to further develop their craft in the area of leadership and conflict transformation.  We do this through offering courses and workshops that will help you to further build your capacity and the skills which can assist you in your journey.

Developing Your Craft was created by Credence and Co.  Collectively, our consultants have over 60 years of experience in the field of conflict management, organizational culture, change management, and leadership development.  Through everything we do, we seek to live out our values of Love, Listen and Lead.  This manifests itself in how we interact with our clients and with each other as we walk with you through the happenings at your organization and congregation.

For more information about Credence and Co. you can visit our webpage.